What do I have to gain by placing my business online?

You gain potential clients and you multiply your business opportunities.  If you are established on Main Street, lots of people already know where you are and what you have to offer.  If, however you do not have that privilege, you can make yourself known and promote your services and/or your products on a street with much more people traffic than in any other conventional Main Street in the world, namely online!

What do I miss out on, if my business is not online?

You miss out on new business opportunities.  Mainly from all those persons who end up buying from the competition which is already one step ahead of you and have their businesses placed online.

You also miss out on corporate imaging, and a golden opportunity to show the public that your business is up to date, demonstrating to your potential client that their time will not be wasted with you.

I do not understand anything about computers, how they work, or the internet.  Even so, can I still have a webpage?

Absolutely, yes!  In the same way as you do not have to know how to fly an airplane to travel, or have any knowledge about the printing business to place an advert in the newspapers, an internet professional will take care of creating and maintaining your website.

I already use other means of advertising to promote my business.  Why do I need the internet? What can the internet provide me with that is different from these other advertising means?

As well as publicising your business, the internet supersedes physical limits, bringing you clients from much further away.  There is no other means of doing business, only the internet, of reaching similar numbers of people…..uninterruptedly, day and night.  More importantly, no other means of advertising allows you to directly interact with your client.


Is it expensive to place my business online?

That depends on what is meant by expensive, as it may turn out to be more expensive to fail to go online.  Maintaining a web page online, on a server, will cost approximately the same as placing a small advert in a telephone directory, magazine or any other cheap means of advertising.  The difference however, is that rather than having only a few lines in which to advertise, you will have a whole page to promote your business.  Furthermore, advertising by way of conventional means will never compare to the presence of your business on the internet.

Who will design my web page?

GIBTRADE.NET will only host your web page, it does not design it.  The study, concept, project, design and final production are dealt with by Web Factory Online  (WFO). All this work is totally free to those who subscribe to hosting their web page with GIBTRADE (this promotion is for a limited time only).

Once professionals have completed my web page and placed it online, will I be required to participate in, or provide anything else which will take up my time?  Is there anything else I need to do which I am unaware of and which I have not been advised of?

No. You can rest assured.  For example, it is the same as if you placed an advert on TV.  Even if you wanted to have direct access to it, you wouldn’t be able to.  The good thing about the internet is that it works independently from you, allowing you free time to look after other parts of your business.

I do not have time to be in front of a computer and give any attention to my web page.  How much time do I need to dedicate to this?  What do I do if I have to travel?

Your web page works automatically and therefore you are not required to use a computer or waste your time.  You may therefore be absent from your place of work and travel as much as you like without being worried.

Isn’t my business too small to be online?

This is yet another advantage brought about by new technologies.  It is because of its relatively small cost that no longer is anyone too small to compete, even with the large businesses.  Since there is no need to personally occupy yourself with the webpage, or be subject to any additional cost, it is perfectly tailored for small businesses and the self employed.

The actual size of my business is convenient for me and I intend to continue it in this way.  Wouldn’t my being online force me to expand my business?

In reality for those who have wanted to make their business grow, the internet has been shown to be an extremely effective tool.  Many multi nationals began as small local businesses and have got to where they are today thanks to the internet.

Having said that, business growth is not a compulsory factor.  Since there is no need for investment or any other type of obligation to anyone, each business is free to do what it likes with its web page and business.

The great advantage for businesses of all sizes is that the internet allows them to increase only the volume of their business.

How long and at what times would my web page be available for viewing?

In differing from other means of advertisement (which are subject to a number of supplements, presentations, time or number of days) your web page may be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the whole year.  This includes all Sundays and bank holidays.

Can I be contacted directly by those persons who visit my web page?

Yes you can.  The internet allows for your web page to be interactive.  Not only by providing contact details including fax and telephone numbers, but also providing the facility for those visiting your page to contact you instantly and directly via e-mail without leaving your page.  There is no better way to make the most of that precise moment when a prospective client is interested in your services to not let them “escape” to the competition.

Can I place my own images or content on my web page?

Of course.  You may place whatever you like and what fits onto your page.  The only restrictions relate to illegal, offensive or immoral contents, or those which promote racism or violence.   Our code of conduct only allows for the subscription of hosting services which are suitable for general family viewing.

What is the “www…” followed by a commercial name which can be seen in the press, on TV, telephone directories, newspapers, magazines, product packaging, delivery vehicles etc?

It is the best way of showing who is up to date with today’s business world.  It is the web page’s “address” for that business.  By using that address at any time, 24 hours a day and from anywhere on the planet, anyone can receive information or business offers directly at home.

What am I risking, what can I loose by subscribing to this service?

In our opinion, nothing.  If you have read our points above, then there is no one better equipped to judge and come to an unbiased conclusion than you.

All this sounds to good to be true.  What do you gain from giving out free web pages to everyone?  Where is the ‘catch’?

We gain plenty from this.  Firstly, in our opinion, for a business deal to be good, it does not have to appear to be bad.  What we are offering you not only seems good, but we offer you plenty of guarantees that it actually is.

All those who have a web page on the Internet have needed the services of a web host and our business is just that, to provide the public with web hosting. To be honest, the more web pages we host on our servers, the better our business goes.  This is why we offer those who do not yet have a web page the possibility of having a free page, on the sole condition that the web hosting is done through us.  

As mentioned above, GIBTRADE will only host web pages, it does not design them.  This work is carried out by WFO – a specialised web design service – for GIBTRADE.  You do not have to pay them anything, unless you wish to contract other additional services for which we would be happy to provide a quote.

That is what we gain, although nevertheless we do not gain alone:  our client also gains directly from our special promotion, we gain one more client, the Internet gains more contents and more offers are placed online. Even the competition gains, as it benefits from an enriched Internet.  In the end, it is a business where we all gain without having anything to loose.

What are the advantages of hosting my web page on GIBTRADE and not on other web hosting service?

Firstly you gain a freely designed web page.  With this promotion (limited time only) you are already saving hundreds of pounds.

Secondly our way of working is exclusive.  This is why you won’t be able to find other providers to offer you a package which includes so many benefits and guarantees.  We are sufficiently small so as to be able to offer you a promotion that large companies are unable to compete with, on a large scale.

Thirdly, hosting on our servers is not limited to simply hosting your webpage.  Your subscription also includes:

o Submitting your web page to the main internet search engines.

o An additional inclusion to a web directory

o Two yearly updates to your page

o Full continuity service and maintenance required to maintain the proper functioning of your page

o The usage of a sub domain of your choice

o Being hosted on our quality and selective servers, exclusively filled with family suitable website content

You will further benefit from a reduced annual subscription fee during GIBTRADE-WFOs promotional campaign.  

You will take part in a special bonus scheme

In case of change of ownership, GIBTRADE will ensure its service continuity – at its discretion- for the period subscribed to, applying the same conditions.  In the event you are no longer interested in completing your subscription period should there be a transfer of ownership of GIBTRADE, you will be reimbursed your subscription fee for any unused period.

The testimony of numerous satisfied clients represent the best guarantee for GIBTRADE.NET’s services

Your business can also have its own web page.

What do I have to do to obtain my own free web page and to have it immediately uploaded and working onto the web?

Just call (+350) 606 79950, send an e-mail to mail@gibtrade.net or write to P.O. Box 477, Gibraltar and we will promptly contact you.  We will provide you with all the necessary information and advise you on how to proceed should this promotion be of interest to you.

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